Toddler Milestone Session

Pricing & Packages

The art of photographing families with children takes time and patience and that's why I don't charge my service by time, but by photo.

You can choose one of the three packages I offer for children portrait or ask me to create your own package according to the products of your interest.

One Session


One Session
- 12 Digital Files
($15 each additional photo)


Where are you based?

I currently live in San Mateo County, but I am available to go to any county in Bay Area.

Where the photos will be?

It can be done in a park where the child will have plenty of space to run and play during the session.
We can also plan a session indoors, involving the child in a game or setting up a scenery for the photos.

How long will be my session?

On average, my mini sessions last from 20 to 40min. Depending on the needs of the little ones and the flow of the session.

How long takes to see my pictures?

I usually take about ten days to curate and treat the best pictures and send for you to choose your favorite ones.

What should my child be wearing?

I like it when the colors of children's clothes match the colors of the surrounding nature. After we define the location of the photos, I will send you a link with some ideal color tones that match the location. So you can search your child's wardrobe for available options.

COVID Precautions

I'm full vaccinated and will be using a mask all the time. If the session is outdoor I will keep 6-foot distance at all times.

How payment works?

Three days before your session you will receive an invoice for payment of 50% of the value of the package chosen. The second part of the payment will be made after receiving and choosing the photos.